12 Canadian Universities Accepting 2.2 Grade for Master’s Degree

These 12 Canadian Universities Accepting 2.2 Grades for Master’s Degree offer opportunities for graduates with second-class lower grades who wish to further their education. In a Canadian educational landscape that may appear geared toward high-achievers, students with lower grades might sometimes feel discouraged, believing their options are restricted.

However, this article presents a list of Canadian universities that provide a valuable opportunity for those who may have previously felt discouraged.

If you hold a second-class lower degree, take advantage of this chance to begin your academic journey at any of these 12 Canadian universities.

12 Canadian Universities Accepting 2.2 Grade for Master’s Degree

  1. Memorial University, Newfoundland
  2. Crandall University, New Brunswick
  3. St. Paul University, Ottawa
  4. University of Canada West, Vancouver
  5. Carleton University, Canada
  6. Royal Roads University, Colwood
  7. St. Mary’s University, Halifax
  8. Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops
  9. University of Regina, Regina
  10. University of Prince Edward Island
  11. Lakehead University, Canada
  12. Brandon University, Brandon

For students with 2.2 grades who are eager to pursue a Master’s degree, the above listed universities provide a welcoming and inclusive environment. They understand that academic journeys can have different challenges and are dedicated to offering opportunities for growth and success.

If you’re considering furthering your education in Canada, explore the options these universities provide and take the first step toward your academic and career goals. Remember, your educational journey doesn’t have to be defined by past grades, and these universities are proof that opportunities are open to all.

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