13 Best Scholarship Websites And Search Engines to Get Abroad Opportunities in 2024

Searching for scholarships plays a vital role in funding your education. Numerous scholarship websites and search engines are available to assist you in finding opportunities that align with your interests, qualifications, and aspirations.

The top scholarship search engines compile a diverse array of scholarships, encompassing niche awards, sweepstakes, and prestigious national prizes. Additionally, these platforms often offer features such as profile creation, allowing you to save scholarship applications for future reference or receive alerts when scholarships matching your qualifications become available.

Here are some of the best scholarship websites and search engines:

  1. fastweb.com: Fastweb ranks among the most popular scholarship search engines. It matches you with scholarships based on your profile and boasts an extensive database of opportunities.
  2. scholarships.com: Similar to Fastweb, Scholarships.com provides a comprehensive scholarship database tailored to your profile and academic interests.
  3. cappex.com: Cappex not only assists you in discovering scholarships but also offers insights into colleges and their admission procedures. It’s a valuable resource for students planning their higher education journey.
  4. scholarshipowl.com: ScholarshipOwl, a well-known scholarship website, aggregates awards and categorizes them by criteria such as award amount, requirements, number of recipients, and application deadlines. It even automates the submission of your application to recurring scholarships, saving you time for essays and recommendation letters.
  5. Bold.org: With a user-friendly interface, Bold.org simplifies the scholarship search process. You can filter scholarships by your education level, award category, amount, and application deadline. It also features a “no-essay” toggle for scholarships that don’t require written essays.
  6. scholarshipmonkey.com: Scholarship Monkey allows keyword-based scholarship searches and offers a wide array of options based on various criteria.
  7. petersons.com: Peterson’s provides a scholarship search tool along with resources for test preparation and college planning.
  8. careeronestop.org: The U.S. Department of Labor operates its scholarship website through the CareerOneStop portal. It offers a scholarship search tool, career path information, and job search advice.
  9. unigo.com: Unigo hosts a scholarship directory and offers a platform for college reviews, aiding you in informed decisions about your education.
  10. bigfuture.collegeboard.org/scholarship-search: The College Board’s scholarship search tool assists in finding scholarships, internships, and other financial aid opportunities.
  11. scholarshipregion.com: Scholarship Region scours the globe to bring you the latest scholarship opportunities and supports you throughout the application process. It provides detailed information on available scholarships and assists applicants at every stage.
  12. myscholly.com: Scholly is a paid scholarship search platform renowned for helping students find over $100 million in scholarships. It’s known for its user-friendly interface.
  13. niche.com: Niche offers a scholarship search tool that encompasses information on scholarships, colleges, and student reviews. It’s a valuable resource for researching both scholarships and colleges.

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 Megafea Editors