African Union Recruitment , October 2023 ( Open Jobs/Vacancies)

The African Union (AU) is a continental institution committed to fostering unity, peace, and progress among African nations. In pursuit of its mission, the AU frequently seeks skilled individuals to join its team and contribute to the continent’s progress. This post delves into the current job opportunities at the African Union and offers an in-depth guide on the application process.

African Union (AU) recruitment

The African Union (AU) recruitment process focuses on identifying and employing individuals for positions across the AU’s organs, institutions, and specialized agencies. This recruitment aims to engage qualified professionals from African member states to support the AU’s mission of advancing unity, peace, and development on the continent. The recruitment process typically encompasses vacancy announcements, application submissions, application review, candidate shortlisting, interviews, and final selections. The AU is committed to upholding transparency, fairness, and equal opportunities throughout its recruitment efforts to build a skilled and diverse workforce capable of effectively addressing Africa’s challenges.

Open Vacancies at the African Union

The African Union provides diverse career opportunities across fields like administration, finance, human resources, communication, research, peace and security, legal affairs, and more. These vacancies are open to both Africans and non-Africans who meet the necessary qualifications and skills.

To keep updated on the latest job openings at the African Union, individuals interested in these opportunities can visit the official AU career website. The AU regularly shares job advertisements in the careers section of their website, offering comprehensive information about each position, including job descriptions, requirements, and application deadlines.

Application Procedure:

  1. Visit the Official AU Career Website: Start by accessing the official African Union website at
  2. Browse Available Vacancies: Peruse the list of available vacancies to find a position that aligns with your qualifications and interests. Click on the job title for detailed information about the position.
  3. Review Job Description: Thoroughly read the job description to comprehend the responsibilities, requirements, and qualifications essential for the position.
  4. Prepare Application Documents: Assemble all necessary documents required for the application, such as a cover letter, curriculum vitae (CV), and any other supporting documents specified in the job advertisement.
  5. Submit Application: Follow the provided instructions in the job advertisement to submit your application. This involves completing an online application form.
  6. Application Review: After the application deadline, the African Union will evaluate all submitted applications. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further assessments, which may include interviews or written tests.
  7. Selection Process: The selection process may differ based on the position and department. It often involves multiple stages, including interviews, assessments, and reference checks.
  8. Notification of Results: Once the selection process concludes, successful candidates will be notified of their acceptance into the African Union. Unsuccessful candidates will also receive notification.

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