APPLY: 2023 European Union Climate Pact Ambassadors Program For Young Leaders

The European Union Climate Pact Ambassadors Program aims to educate, motivate, and assist in advancing climate policies and initiatives within communities and networks.

To be eligible as a Pact Ambassador, you must fulfill the criteria outlined below. If you do not meet these requirements, you are encouraged to join as a ‘Friend of the European Climate Pact’ (additional details provided below).

Pact Ambassadors participate in their individual or professional roles, representing a community or organization, and do not officially represent the European Commission. It’s important to note that being a Pact Ambassador does not entail receiving organizational or financial backing from the European Commission.

Summary for 2023 European Union Climate Pact Ambassadors Program For Young Leaders

  • Host: European Union (EU)
  • Eligible Countries: All countries
  • Reward: Full Sponsorship
  • No IELTS Required
  • Deadline: October 15, 2023

Details of the 2023 European Union Climate Pact Ambassadors Program For Young Leaders

Pact Ambassador appointments are initially for a one-year term, with the opportunity to seek renewal each subsequent year. Pact Ambassadors are expected to:

  1. Set a Positive Example: Demonstrate your commitment to combating climate change through personal and environmental actions.
  2. Inspire Others: Motivate citizens, organizations, and local or national governments to engage in climate action. Advocate for relevant stakeholders and policymakers to implement ambitious measures and strategies that accelerate systemic change.
  3. Foster Connections: Collaborate with individuals who share your passion, engage with stakeholders from various European regions, and exchange information about EU climate policies and initiatives.

The EEAS (European External Action Service) serves as the European Union’s diplomatic body, aiding the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy in implementing the Union’s Common Foreign and Security Policy.


The following individuals can become Pact Ambassadors:

  • Leaders of organisations or associations
  • Community leaders, leaders of informal groups or movements
  • Mayors, parliamentarians, policymakers or other public office holders
  • Representatives of cultural, educational or research institutions
  • Influencers, opinion leaders

As a Pact Ambassador, you must meet the following requirements:

To qualify as a Pact Ambassador, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Reside in an EU Member State.
  2. Commit to taking climate action as a Pact Ambassador, outlining at least three specific actions you will undertake during your term. These actions can involve engaging with community-level groups (e.g., schools, community associations, youth groups, business networks, peer networks) or conducting communication activities through local, national, or international channels.
    • Examples of actions include giving presentations, organizing events or workshops, writing articles or blog posts on climate-related topics, coordinating climate action projects or campaigns, and more.
    • We encourage commitments that target individuals or groups with limited climate awareness or engagement.
  3. Complete the e-learning onboarding course within three weeks.
  4. Attend a minimum of two events hosted by the Pact Secretariat and two events led by Country Coordinators during your term.
  5. Maintain regular communication and respond to requests from Country Coordinators and the Secretariat.
  6. Fulfill annual reporting requirements as part of the Ambassadorship renewal process.
  7. Uphold the Climate Pact’s values and adhere to the Secretariat’s guidelines when conducting your activities, including the use of the Pact’s visual identity.

These requirements are designed to ensure the effectiveness and integrity of the Climate Pact Ambassador program.

Duration and Reward

  • Official recognition from the European Commission and publication of a public profile on the Pact website.
  • Access to the pan-European network of more than 500 Pact Ambassadors.
  • Access to resources and toolkits on climate change and climate action, Climate Pact, and ways to engage and communicate with others on climate-related topics.
  • Access to Pact-branded material for online use (websites and social media).
  • Opportunities to gain visibility for your climate action and advocacy on the Pact website and the Pact’s social media channels.
  • Opportunities to participate in Pact events across Europe.
  • Access to online and in-person workshops with policy experts on climate action-related topics.
  • Ad-hoc capacity building support

Method of Application

Applicants who meet the criteria and are interested in becoming Pact Ambassadors can submit their applications through the provided link.

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