APPLY: 2023 MTN Champ Competition For Young Nigerians

The MTN Champ Competition For Young Nigerians has a mission to unearth and nurture athletic talent that can revolutionize sports in Nigeria. MTN CHAMPS is a Nigerian initiative designed to discover and nurture athletic potential nationwide. It draws inspiration from the Jamaican High school CHAMPS and aspires to be the leading platform for identifying and cultivating promising athletes who may one day represent Nigeria on the global stage in prestigious competitions like the Olympics and World Championships.

Summary for 2023 MTN Champ Competition For Young Nigerians

  • Host: MTN Foundation
  • Eligible Countries: Nigeria
  • Reward: Full Sponsorship
  • No IELTS Required
  • Deadline: Not Specified

Details of the 2023 MTN Champ Competition For Young Nigerians

MTN CHAMPS is an exciting track and field competition aimed at unearthing exceptional athletes from schools all over Nigeria. It’s designed to be the launching pad for the future legends of the athletics world, who will eventually shine on the global stage. This program offers talented individuals from every corner of the nation the chance to demonstrate their skills and receive the training and support necessary to realize their potential as world-class athletes.

MTN CHAMPS will be comprised of four three-day Championships held throughout the country, occurring every 2-3 weeks from October to December 2023, with an additional day reserved for the Grand Final event.

  1. MTN CHAMPS Benin: Thu 12th – Sat 14th October ’23 (Registration deadline: Wed 4th Oct)
  2. MTN CHAMPS Uyo: Thu 26th – Sat 28th October ’23 (Registration deadline: Wed 18th Oct)
  3. MTN CHAMPS Ibadan: Thu 9th – Sat 11th November ’23 (Registration deadline: Wed 1st Nov)
  4. MTN CHAMPS Abuja: Wed 29th Nov – Fri 1st Dec ’23 (Registration deadline: Tue 21st Nov).
  5. MTN CHAMPS GRAND FINAL, Abuja: Saturday 2nd December ’23


To be considered for the MTN Champ Competition:

  • Registration will be strictly online, with registration deadlines 8 days prior to each MTN CHAMPS Event.

Duration and Reward

  • MTN CHAMPS will consist of four 3-day Championships nationwide, held every 2-3 weeks from October to December 2023, with 1 day added to the final event for the Grand Final

Method of Application

Want to prove that your School/Team is the reigning champion in Athletics in your city? Well, there’s only one way to settle it! To get started, an authorized representative of your School or Team, such as the Principal, Games Master, PE Teacher, Athletics Coach, or Captain, should kick things off by registering your ’10+10′ Entries at MTNCHAMPS.COM.

After this, you or your fellow Athletes can get the word out by sharing fun and creative videos on social media. Whether it’s showcasing your training sessions, trying out for MTN CHAMPS, competing in interhouse or inter-school sports, or participating in any other athletic events, remember to include the hashtag for your city (e.g. #MTNCHAMPSIbadan, etc)!

Megafea Editors