APPLY: 2023 NITDA Digital Nigeria Hackathon InclusiveCodeFest For Young Nigerians

The NITDA Digital Nigeria Hackathon InclusiveCodeFest is a vibrant gathering of developers, designers, and business professionals who share a common passion for exploring innovative opportunities.

InclusiveCodeFest offers a dynamic and immersive three-day journey, uniting tech enthusiasts from various corners of Nigeria. Together, they collaborate to generate fresh ideas using cutting-edge technology within the framework of our selected themes.

If you’re a tech enthusiast, this is the ultimate destination for you – an exciting week filled with hacking, networking, and connecting with over 200 fellow tech enthusiasts, all within a unique and invigorating atmosphere.

Scholarship Summary for the 2023 NITDA Digital Nigeria Hackathon InclusiveCodeFest For Young Nigerians

  • Host: NITDA
  • Eligible Country: Nigeria
  • Reward: Full Sponsorship
  • Deadline: October 15, 2023

Details of the 2023 NITDA Digital Nigeria Hackathon InclusiveCodeFest For Young Nigerians

NITDA Digital Nigeria Hackathon InclusiveCodeFest 2023 Application is now open in areas of

  • Artificial Intelligence (Al),
  • Cloud,
  • Big data,
  • Virtual blockchain,
  • Quantum computing,
  • Internet of Things (loT),
  • Augmented Reality (AR),
  • and Virtual Reality (VR).


  • Open to tech enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds across Nigeria

The InclusiveCodeFest is categorized into distinct tracks, each centered around industries and topics that hold significant relevance in the current landscape.

  1. e-Digital Literacy & Inclusion: Focus on addressing challenges related to digital inclusion, encompassing politics, economics, policies, and online safety.
  2. e-Creative Media: Delve into issues concerning data control, intellectual property, content sharing, and universal content formats within the creative media technology domain.
  3. e-Government Services: Explore methods to enhance democratic governance, simplify tax filing for small businesses, and foster citizen and community engagement.
  4. e-Subsidy Removal/Mobility: Seek solutions to mitigate the effects of fuel subsidy removal on transportation, production, and mobility.
  5. eFinancial Inclusion Technology: Enhance data security, regulatory compliance, infrastructure, and financial inclusion technology in rural areas.

These tracks offer a diverse range of challenges and opportunities, catering to the wide array of interests and expertise of participants..

Duration and Reward

  • The Digital Nigeria Conference is a comprehensive 3-day event spanning from the 24th to the 26th of October 2023. During this program, technology enthusiasts within the Nigerian startup ecosystem will delve deep into various areas and aspects. This includes providing support, education, and solutions for the real-world challenges faced by startup founders. Moreover, it will explore the roles of government, particularly NITDA, in supporting Nigerian startups.
  • The Digital Nigeria Conference serves as an exceptional platform for you to showcase your brand. It allows you to connect with industry peers, international technology experts, members of the press, and a broader community involved in blockchain, Web3, IoT, the Startup Ecosystem, Investors, AI, XR, and the Metaverse.
  • This year’s edition of the Digital Nigeria International Conference anticipates attracting over 10,000 in-person attendees and 5,000 virtual participants from around the world. These attendees are eager to network and gain insights into this dynamic and rapidly expanding industry. By exhibiting or sponsoring this event, your business can access unique opportunities while bolstering brand recognition.

Method of Application

Interested and eligible candidates are encouraged to submit their applications using the link provided below.

Megafea Editors