Study-In-France: 2024 Sciences Po MasterCard Scholarships For International Students

The Sciences Po MasterCard Scholarships are tailored for students exhibiting outstanding academic achievements and notable leadership potential, especially those encountering financial obstacles that hinder their access to higher education.

These scholarships have a primary focus on students who envision making a substantial and enduring difference in addressing the most pressing challenges confronting their continent, with particular emphasis on public policy, significant political, environmental, and societal transformations.

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program operates under three key strategic objectives: furnishing targeted assistance to students, nurturing their interpersonal skills beyond their academic pursuits, and establishing a robust and well-connected alumni network.

Scholarship Summary for 2024 Sciences Po MasterCard Scholarships For International Students

  • Host Country: France
  • Study Abroad:┬áStudy in Europe
  • Eligible Countries: All Sub-sahara African Countries
  • Reward: Full Scholarship | Monthly Stipends | Accommodation | Airfare Tickets
  • No IELTS Required
  • Deadline: November 26, 2023

Scholarship Details for 2024 Sciences Po MasterCard Scholarships For International Students

Since 2017, Sciences Po has been part of a trio of esteemed European universities, including the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and Edinburgh, in collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program. This partnership has facilitated the enrollment of 138 students from Sub-Saharan Africa into social science degree programs at Sciences Po, with the overarching goal of nurturing a fresh generation of transformative leaders in their respective home countries.

The Mastercard Foundation is dedicated to providing equitable access to quality education for young people in Sub-Saharan Africa, empowering them to attain dignified and meaningful employment opportunities. Aligned with an ambitious new strategy known as “Young Africa Works,” the Foundation aspires to facilitate the entry of 30 million young individuals in Africa into the realms of employment and entrepreneurship by 2030. The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, in which Sciences Po is an active partner, plays a pivotal role in this strategy by forging university collaborations that grant young Africans access to high-quality education.

Scholarship Requirements:

To qualify for the Mastercard Foundation scholarship, candidates are required to meet the following set of criteria:

  • Reside in or hold citizenship in a Sub-Saharan African country. It is essential to establish legal residency within the region or provide evidence of temporary study or work in another location.
  • Demonstrate a genuine commitment to effecting positive change in Africa and making a substantial impact in fields related to public policy, significant political, environmental, and societal transitions.
  • Exhibit a demonstrable financial need for higher education funding. Please note that supporting documentation of your financial circumstances will be necessary as part of your application.
  • Present a recommendation from your university.
  • Hold at least a Bachelor’s degree (or its international equivalent) by the forthcoming academic year.
  • Seek admission to a two-year Master’s program within one of Sciences Po’s seven Graduate Schools. Applicants pursuing one-year Master’s programs, dual degree programs, or joint Master’s programs are ineligible for the scholarship.
  • Attain a minimum proficiency of C1 in either French or English, depending on the specific program you are applying to (refer to the language requirements for each program). Notably, programs are offered either entirely in French, entirely in English, or in a combination of both languages.
  • Not possess a previous Master’s degree or be in the process of pursuing one.
  • Be under 35 years of age at the commencement of the academic year for graduate studies.

Scholarship Duration and Reward

The scholarships encompass the complete coverage of tuition fees and living expenses during the entire duration of your studies at Sciences Po in France.


Apart from financing their studies, Sciences Po offers a range of specialized resources to assist scholars throughout their academic journey and to facilitate their transition into the professional world. Specifically, scholarship recipients receive:

  • Support in preparing for their departure, dedicated assistance upon arrival, and an official welcome program.
  • Reserved accommodation in Paris for scholarship awardees.
  • Personalized guidance during their academic tenure to ensure that each student enjoys the best possible experience at Sciences Po.
  • Career guidance, including assistance in identifying professional goals, a career fair centered on job and internship opportunities in Africa, access to the university’s business incubator and its network of employers and alumni working in Africa, career support workshops, conference participation, and more.
  • A mentoring program conducted in collaboration with the Africa Division of Sciences Po Alumni.
  • Access to the extensive array of general resources provided by Sciences Po to guide students through every phase of their studies.

Required Documents

  • Personal details
  • A letter of recommendation from the academic advisor at your university to support your application. For this, you will need to ask the person to complete and sign this form.
  • Full information and evidence regarding your financial circumstances.
  • Information regarding your academic record and extra-curricular attainments.
  • A statement detailing your varied experiences of and view on issues specifically affecting Africa, and explaining how you plan to achieve change on the continent. The quality of this statement will be a deciding factor for the panel in charge of allocating the scholarships.

Method of Application


To determine if you qualify for the scholarship, you must initially provide the required information on the scholarship website. Once your application is submitted and reviewed by our staff, you will be notified of your eligibility status for the scholarship. If you are confirmed as eligible for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship, the processing fee for your Sciences Po application will be waived. This verification step should be completed by November 26, 2023, in order to receive your eligibility approval for the scholarship and to have your application processing fee waived (the deadline for which is December 3, 2023).


To apply to Sciences Po, you should follow the international graduate admissions procedure. If you believe you meet all the aforementioned eligibility criteria, you should initiate your application to Sciences Po (step 2) concurrently with your request for eligibility for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship (step 1). However, you should wait to receive confirmation of your eligibility for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship and the waiver of your application processing fee before submitting your application to Sciences Po (at the end of step 2). This ensures that you can submit your application without payment. Your application to Sciences Po must be submitted by December 3, 2023.


You will be notified of the outcome of your application to Sciences Po between February 10 and February 22, 2024, and you will receive information about your scholarship application outcome starting from March 8, 2024. Please note:

  • Admission to Sciences Po does not guarantee the allocation of the scholarship.
  • If you choose to defer your admission to Sciences Po until the following year, you will forfeit your Mastercard Foundation Scholarship.

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