Study-In-UK: 2024 Tarbell Fellowship Program For Early-Career Journalists

The Tarbell Fellowship Program is a year-long initiative intended for aspiring journalists early in their careers, with a keen interest in reporting on emerging technologies, particularly artificial intelligence.

Fellows are granted a 9-month assignment at a prominent newsroom, engage in a study group focused on AI governance and technical foundations, and have the opportunity to attend a two-week journalism summit held in Oxford.

To facilitate these placements, the Tarbell Fellowship offers stipends of up to $50,000.

Summary for 2024 Tarbell Fellowship Program For Early-Career Journalists

  • Host Country: United Kingdom (UK)
  • Study Abroad:┬áStudy in UK
  • Eligible Countries: All Countries
  • Reward: $50,000 Stipends | Fellowship Placement | Oxford Summit
  • No IELTS Required
  • Deadline: October 15, 2023

Details of the 2024 Tarbell Fellowship Program For Early-Career Journalists

The program encompasses presentations by seasoned experts, constructive feedback, mentorship from established journalists, and opportunities for networking with professionals from top AI organizations.

Upon completion of the program, we anticipate that the fellows will carry their impact-driven insights into prominent newsrooms and publications worldwide.

The 2024 Tarbell Fellowship is scheduled to take place from January to December 2024, with applications for the 2024 cohort closing on October 15, 2023.


To be eligible for the fellowship, candidates should possess:

  • Proficiency in AI: A profound interest in artificial intelligence and its societal implications. Many fellows may have a background in tech journalism, machine learning research, or AI governance.
  • Journalism Enthusiasm: While prior newsroom experience (including contributions to student newspapers) or equivalent background in fields like law or research is valuable, it is not obligatory. We prioritize potential over experience, particularly supporting early-career journalists.
  • Exceptional Writing Aptitude: An innovative storytelling approach, coupled with the ability to swiftly grasp the essence of new subjects. Fellows should demonstrate the capability to produce engaging content within tight timeframes.
  • Tenacity: The capacity to steadfastly pursue objectives and persevere in the face of challenges. Fellows must be willing to put in hard work and endure repeated setbacks.
  • Open-Mindedness: An eagerness to uncover the truth in each story, even when it contradicts prior beliefs. Fellows should be open to constructive criticism and should actively seek ways to enhance their writing and critical thinking.

Note: If you believe you possess the qualities required, even if you don’t align with every single point mentioned above, we encourage you to apply and inform us about how your distinctive skills can contribute to the field of journalism.

Duration and Reward

  • Fellows embark on placements lasting 9-12 months at prominent newsrooms with a focus on artificial intelligence. Specific placement details may vary by the hosting outlet.
  • Stipend Support: Fellows receive stipends during their placement, which can amount to as much as $50,000, depending on individual circumstances and location. Stipend amounts are expected to range from $35,000 to $50,000, taking into account factors like location and personal situations.
  • Comprehensive AI Training: Prior to their placements, fellows engage in a two-month program concentrating on the fundamentals of AI, encompassing both technical aspects and governance. This program necessitates approximately 10 hours per week and is conducted remotely. It includes guest lectures, collaborative assignments, and readings.
  • Oxford Summit: Fellows partake in a two-week summit held in Oxford at the commencement of the fellowship. This fortnight is marked by intensive sessions with guest speakers, workshops, and networking events in Oxford and London. All expenses related to travel and accommodation will be fully covered.

How it works

  • Challenging Journey: Fellows will dedicate the year to honing their skills and cultivating a robust portfolio, a pivotal step to fast-track their journalism careers.
  • Self-Driven Pursuit: Since the fellowship isn’t affiliated with a specific news outlet, fellows must proactively seek opportunities to gain experience. Stipends can be utilized to facilitate freelancing, secure placements in renowned newsrooms, or produce various forms of journalism.
  • Full-Time Engagement: The fellowship demands a full-time commitment. The field of journalism is highly competitive, and we anticipate that fellows will be wholly dedicated to achieving success.
  • Virtual Experience: The fellowship is entirely conducted remotely, allowing us to support emerging journalism talents from all corners of the world.
  • Relocation Encouraged: Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that fellows consider relocating to international journalism hubs for the duration of this fellowship. Such a move is expected to expedite fellows’ career advancement, and those willing to make this commitment will receive preferential consideration.

Method of Application

Applicants who are both interested and meet the eligibility criteria are encouraged to submit their applications via the provided link below.

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